1. Inductoterm induction melting furnace system
    Capacity: 1ton x 2 furnaces
2. SINTO high-pressure air flow squeeze moulding machine:
  • i.   Mold size: 1000mm (length) x 800mm (width) x 600mm (mold height)
  • ii.  Max molding rate: 40 molds/hr
  • iii. Features 1 : high quality and uniform castings
  • iv. Features 2 : use existing patterns
3. SINTO full-automatic horizontal top-blow and aqueeze flaskless moulding machine
  • i.   Mold size: 550mm (length) x 450mm (breadth) x 200mm (mold height)
  • ii.  Max molding rate: 200 molds/hr
  • iii. Features 1 : excellent mold strength and accuracy
  • iv. Features 2 : highly accurate pattern draw& mold closing
  • v.  Feathers 3 : environment-friendly and energy-saving. The noise level is as         low as 75 dB (A).
4. YASKAWA robot
6. Crane type shot blast machine
7. Sand-reclaiming system









Company Profile

Royal Metal Casting Co., Ltd and Shin Li Auto Parts Co., Ltd are corporate companies which one specializes in sand casting production (grey iron casting and ductile iron casting) whereas, the major business of Shin Li Auto Parts is CNC machining and sales of auto spare parts such as brake drums, wheel hubs and flywheel. Both plants are well equipped with skilled engineers, advanced technology and adequate testing equipment.

Royal Metal Casting Co. Ltd.

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