The largest BRAKE DRUM, HUB and FLYWHEEL manufacturer IN TAIWAN

Since 1977, Shin Li Auto Parts specializes in the production of brake drum, wheel hub, and flywheel for heavy duty trucks, light trucks, buses and trailers. Providing our clients a total solution, we complete all of our production procedures in house such as developing molds, casting and CNC machining. Not only supplying a full range of brake drums, wheel hubs and flywheels for Japanese commercial vehicle, but also we accept samples and drawings for developing. We are pride of our excellence in quality, ability and service to our customers.

Mold Flow Analysis

We now apply the mold flow analysis to our mold design as it can prevent sand holes hidden in our products.

Metallurgical Analysis

For every batch, we check its chemical composition and keep the report for over 5 years.

3D Coordinate Measuring Machine

The 3D coordinate measuring machine allows us to check the circularity and perpendicularity of our products.

Company Profile

Royal Metal Casting Co., Ltd and Shin Li Auto Parts Co., Ltd are corporate companies which one specializes in sand casting production (grey iron casting and ductile iron casting) whereas, the major business of Shin Li Auto Parts is CNC machining and sales of auto spare parts such as brake drums, wheel hubs and flywheel. Both plants are well equipped with skilled engineers, advanced technology and adequate testing equipment.

Royal Metal Casting Co. Ltd.

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Shin Li Auto Parts Co. Ltd.

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