RMC specializes in ductile iron (FCD450~700) and grey iron casting (FC200~300)

Royal Metal Casting Co., Ltd was established in 1997 as a professional iron casting manufacturer, specializing in the field of automotive, machinery and agricultural industry.


With a continual effort to raise the company standard to the next level of competition, we introduce automatic equipment to our production process which enables us to provide products with consistent quality and quick delivery time. In addition, all the production processes, casting and machining, are all done in house so customers just need to purchase at one stop.


Through intensive research and development, we aim to provide our customers with the latest knowledge and technology. 




Mold Flow Analysis

This advanced, 3-dimensional technology not only allows you to "see" the casting before it's made, it provides the opportunity to test it for potential solidification problems

Ceramic Filters

Ceramic casting filters control and filter the flow of the molten metal. Their use results in improved product properties, lower rejection rates and better product quality.

Exothermic Sleeves

These exothermic sleeves are designed to offer effective feeding of metals by extending the solidification time of risers used on castings.


Company Profile

Royal Metal Casting Co., Ltd and Shin Li Auto Parts Co., Ltd are corporate companies which one specializes in sand casting production (grey iron casting and ductile iron casting) whereas, the major business of Shin Li Auto Parts is CNC machining and sales of auto spare parts such as brake drums, wheel hubs and flywheel. Both plants are well equipped with skilled engineers, advanced technology and adequate testing equipment.

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